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Calculating your monthly expenditure will help you work out how much income you'll need in retirement to cover your expenses.

How might your expenditure change after retirement?

It may well be that your outgoings are based on your current expenditure, so you’ll need to work out how they might change after retirement. For example, you may find that your travel expenses will be greatly reduced once you don’t have to travel to work every day. The biggest of your outgoings, your mortgage, may also have been repaid by the time you plan to retire. On the other hand, if you have an interest-only mortgage, you’ll need to repay the capital sum at the end of the mortgage term. Also, it’s possible that your household bills may increase because you’re around the house more – these are all things you’ll need to think about.

Expenditure is divided up into a number of categories (household bills, travel etc). For each category you can either provide an estimate of your overall monthly spending, or you can calculate it from a breakdown of individual costs. You can overwrite the estimate total with a specific amount if you have one.

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